Welcome to the new make-up calendar.

How to use:

1. Select your instructors name from the drop down of the calendar.

2. Go to the current day (or week to see what’s available). (Only available instructors will have the date highlighted)

*Please only schedule your appointment for THIS current week.

3. Click “Book appointment” on the time you would like.

4. Enter your name, email address and the Students name.

5. Hit “request appointment”

6. If you have 2 available make-ups (you will know this from the original email sent out), simply repeat the process, scheduling the time right before, right after, if available or on different day / times.

7. Make-ups are added to the family account, not individual students. If you have multiple family members enrolled, you can use make-ups for whichever student(s) you choose.

That’s it. Add the day / time to your personal calendar as a reminder.

Please note, your immediate confirmation email may go to your spam folder as it is from wordpress

*If you cancel your make-up within 24 hours of the appointment, this make-up will still be deleted from your account and you will lose it.

**If you need to cancel, please email james@dontstoprockin.com

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