DSR Group Guitar/Rock Band – auto enroll

Hello world of rock.

Not only do we wish to operate the best music program in town, we also hope to have the most simple, uncomplicated business anywhere around. Beginning in January 2015 we are going to make the enrollment process for group guitar and rock band super simple and avoid these common problems that have been expressed to use, from you our loyal members:

– Having yet another email to read and respond to

– Making a payment online

– Not knowing if your rocker’s spot has been released and filled by someone else

– Wondering / asking if we received your payment

As over 90% of our rockers that start in Rock 101, go all the way through to 901 and then into bands, we logically presume your rocker will be continuing from session to session once enrolled.

On January 31st 2015 you will receive a reminder email that your account on file will be drafted for tuition on Feb 7th.

On SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7th 2015  the account we have on file will be drafted for tuition, in an identical way that you paid previously. For some, this will be the full tuition ($295 guitar / $250 rock band) for others it will be 50% followed by a second 50% one month later. If you have previously made custom payments, this will continue as is.

If you usually pay by check or cash, you will be able to do this as normal. Please make your re-enrollment tuition payment at least two weeks before the end of the session to save the spot (deadline for tuition is February 7th, 2015)

If the card we have on file has expired, we will send you a new invoice for the tuition amount.

This Feb 7th tuition payment pays for the March 2nd through May 30th session.

You of course are not obligated in anyway to be with us session-to-session. All you have to do is let us know before the draft date that you will not be able to continue to the next session and you will not be charged.

Winter Big show is on Saturday, February 21st 2015. Spring dsr guitar / band session starts the week of March 2nd


“What happens if tuition is drafted but my rocker cannon make the next session?”

You will receive notification the week before your tuition draft (Feb 7th), so if for any reason your rocker won’t be able to attend the next session, please let us know via email to james@dontstoprockin.com

If we receive notice after your draft has come from your account and we can fill your rockers spot before the start of the next session, you will receive a refund (minus the online transaction charge we incurred of approximately 3%)

If we cannot fill your spot before the session, or you with draw after the session has begun, you will receive a pro-rated credit on your account for use in the future in group or private lessons.

**We do ask that you do your very best not to withdraw immediately prior to the new session or during it, as it is very difficult to find a replacement on short notice and the withdraw negatively affects the group dynamic.