Why take music lessons?

Life is not easy sometimes. We all seem to get pulled in a million different directions, kids, partner, boss, business etc etc and it can sometimes be a struggle to keep it all together. For millennia, people have  found refuge in music and we want to give you the tools to be able to achieve this freedom too!

Each week in our group classes you will learn how to play the guitar with a small group of like minded individuals and very quickly you will be able to play thousands of your favorite songs. We start the process on electric guitar (because it rocks) but everything you learn will transfer to acoustic. You’ll learn more about the history of rock n roll than you ever thought possible. Soon after joining the program you will be able to start writing your own songs and Jamming with your partner, kids and friends!

Can I use my old acoustic guitar for class?

Sorry, but no.  We need to control the volume during class, which is difficult to do with an acoustic.  Besides, the strings are heavier on an acoustic and can make it harder for a beginner to learn, which can lead to frustration.

Not all electric guitars were created equally. If your own an electric guitar, please let us know the make and what condition it is in. We have found that most of the “starter” guitars from big box stores go out of tune (if they stay in tune to start with) very quickly and will frustrate you. We are happy to rent you an electric guitar so you don’t have to go out and buy one!

How much does it cost to rock?

Some people say you can’t put a price on art or development, but we think we’ve managed it!

The 11 week program is held at Rock HQ, 8213 Brodie Ln
Ste 101 Austin, TX 78745,  and costs $250.

Do I have to buy a guitar?

NO! We want you to concentrate on nothing more than rockin’. If you don’t have a sweet axe already, you can rent one from us for just $35 per semester, and we’ll throw in a gig bag, cable, picks and a tuner, too.

Do we need an amp?

We will provide an amp for all the rockers in each class.  You won’t have to have one at home, but eventually, you will want to hear the sweetness amplified.  Lucky for you, most modern amps have a headphone output build in.

Best practices for practice?

Practice and perseverance is the foundation of what we do – hence, DONT STOP ROCKIN.’  We have found that the best way to learn, is to set aside 15 – 20 minutes a few days a week for ROCKIN’

However, we completely understand that sometimes life just gets in the way! The dog gets sick, you have to go to a boring conference or Robert Plant shows up for a secret gig at the Continental Club and you just have to ditch practice to go see him. Each week we have a built in review of the previous weeks material for the first part of class so even if you have not had chance to pick up the guitar all week, you’ll be able to jump right back in. On the flip side, if you have tons of time to practice and storming ahead, we will keep you challenged with additional tips and tricks. Most of the time, each individual guitar player will be playing their own slightly different version, you know, like in a killer band! Want even more of a challenge? How about rockin a face-melting solo!

Each lesson is supported twice.  Each Rocker will receive their own customized weekly handout, which contains the information from the current weeks lesson.  This is a great quick review for your daily jam.  Also, we have created a fun, educational & totally rockin’ weekly review video to support the class.  These are exclusively for the rockers in our program, and you will get an online username & password at the start of the program.

We encourage you to sit down and watch the 10 – 15 minute video shortly after the lesson. You can email us with any questions you may have.

What if we miss class?

The online reviews contain all of the information from the week’s class, so you can keep up to date from home. However, if you would like to schedule a 30 minute private lesson with an instructor (where available) you can, for the totally reasonable additional cost of $12.50. *Maximum of 2 private make-ups per session at this price. Additional classes (not make-ups) and the third make-up + within a session will be charged our regular $26.50

What songs to do you teach?

The songs you grew up with! You’ll be transported back to the days of you air guitaring or singing into a hairbrush in front of the mirror. Everything from AC/DC – Zepp with Elvis, The Beatles, Stones, Joan Jett and many more thrown in too.

The BIG show.

If you are familiar with Don’t Stop Rockin’ already, you will know that the kids finish off each 11 week session with a live performance with the band. One of our big goals with these classes is to grow confidence in these rockers and encouraging them to perform publicly through the BIG show helps this. Our goals are slightly different for the Adult classes. We want you find an outlet to be creative, write songs, learn music and Jam with friends. At this point we don;t have a full BIG show scheduled, however you will get the band experience. The final week 11 class will give you the opportunity to rock with a full band at HQ. We’ll perform the tunes we’ve learned as a group with drums, bass and a singer. Pretty soon you’ll have your own neighborhood band and will be Rockin’ a concert each week from your garage!


What class level should I be in?

DSR Adult – 101 is for absolute beginners, those who don’t know what a chord is let alone how to play one.

DSR Adult – 201 is for those who can play 4-6 chords and kind of strum along too. If you are more advance than these we have fantastic private lessons available.

Can I bring my kid?

Sure. They’ll be able to hang out in the lobby (we’ll keep the front doors locked) so please make sure they have homework or something to keep them entertained.

Enough talk, more Rock. How do I get in on this action?

Easy, follow the ENROLL now link to get this thing going!