Group or Private lessons

At Don’t Stop Rockin’, we view private lessons and group lessons as two very distinct and different paths to learning, with the goal of inspiring all to love music.  Both options offer different learning environments and come with a different set of benefits.

Private lessons offer the student the ability to learn at their own pace, to help set the curriculum, and private students also receive the full attention of the instructor during the lesson time.  The teacher is able to constantly listen to the student’s feedback and respond in a variety of ways to keep the student learning, engaged and inspired.

The benefits found in a private lesson do not always transfer to the group class.  To a large degree we have set the pace of learning and the curriculum has been predetermined. The student does not have the opportunity for the same degree of attention from the instructor. Because of these obstacles we have developed several creative tools to keep these group rockers enthused and engaged even if the material is not always their preference or if at times they feel the class is moving to fast or to slow for their current level.  These tools include the BIG Show, Quiz Time, band posters and limo rides.

We are very proud and confident in the quality and value of our private lessons.  When comparing Don’t Stop Rockin’ to other music programs we feel you will also reach this conclusion.  When it comes to a group music program we truly believe there is nothing else in the marketplace that competes with the learning experience we have created.  We have taken the idea of group learning to 11! When making comparisons regarding choices in lessons please try to compare our private lesson experience with that of private lessons found elsewhere and our group lesson experience with that of other group lessons.  We would like to stress once more that our private lessons and group lessons are two very distinct and different paths to learning both with their own sets of benefits.

Coming in the spring of 2015 private lesson students will have their own performance opportunity separate from the BIG show. This will be great for the younger (below 8), older (over 14’s) or students that are not interested in playing at the BIG Show. Private lesson students will have the choice to perform either at the BIG show or their private student performance.  Group guitar classes will not be participating in this private student performance (unless of course they take both group and private lessons.)

Private lesson students receive or have the opportunity for these unique experiences

– A free full band live performance opportunity without having to be part of a separate band program. (In our experience most schools charge the students to perform, to off-set the costs of the event.)

– Professionally designed and manufactured certificates & lanyards for each of the guests at the show, at no additional cost to the private student.

– The opportunity to write and record their own material in lessons and be on a professionally recorded CD and distributed on Itunes and be paid, once the project makes a profit.

– Rock dollars, at no additional cost to parents. Students can win dollars each week and use them to buy totally killer prizes.

– Access to our online database of music (not for group guitar students) with a variety of tempo’s to aid learning.

– Monthly Rock band rehearsals – at cost price ($25 per month): Our private lesson students have the opportunity to form their own bands and rehearse each month.

Once you compare the opportunities our private lessons students receive with other music schools, it is clear to see that we Rock peoples faces off big time and at $106 per month, that is an amazing value.

Below is a quick overview of the benefits of the different programs, so you can make your informed decision and choice of which totally Rockin’ program is right for your family!

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