Micah Motenko

(Piano and Mandolin)


Micah Motenko (Piano and Mandolin) has been Rockin’ since starting piano at the age of 5 and then picking up the mandolin when he discovered bluegrass almost a decade ago. Micah’s degree is in Jazz piano and music theory and he loves to teach rock, pop, blues, bluegrass, classical, R&B, and everything in between. He also sings and writes songs, plays woodwinds, and is drawn to anything remotely resembling a keyboard.  Micah was a high school music teacher before relocating to the live music capital of the world and we are delighted to have him join DSR.  He loves helping students grow their own passion for music, whether it’s by way of improvising a tasty jazz solo, crooning a classic rock ballad, or perfecting a Chopin nocturne. Micah lives to jam and can be seen playing shows around town in a variety of killer projects.