Rock Dollars, DSR’s very own currency, which is our reward program designed to acknowledge dedication and achievement. It is aimed towards 5-12 year olds.

The basic synopsis is this: Just like in real life, if you work hard at something you will often be rewarded. Each week your rocker’s instructor gives them skills to work on at home. If they put in an effort towards this goal and achieve the age / skill appropriate tasks asked of them, they will be rewarded with a Rock Dollar. They can use this DSR dough to buy something from us including picks, buttons, stickers, candy, wristbands, T-shirts, and basically stuff that rocks. They can buy something small and often or save their currency for a bigger prize down the road.

If you prefer to not have candy as a reward for your rocker, please let your instructor know and they will ensure they use a different reward.

Also just like in real life, if you don’t make an effort you will not be rewarded. Our instructors are pro’s and can tell in 30 seconds how much practice a rocker put in during the week. This is a personalized program, aimed at motivating each individual to challenge themselves and is not designed to become a source of competition against others.

One of the most common things we hear from parents is, “My rocker LOVES coming to their lessons, but i wish they would practice more.” Rock Dollars is part of our ongoing goal to find creative ways to help you, help them to rock. Below are other great ideas for you to implement at home, which have proven to be successful:

At-home practice tips 

– Set up a practice schedule, starting off little and often. Maybe 3-5 days a week for 10 – 15 minutes. It will quickly become a routine and the sooner they become proficient on their instrument, the more likely they are to want to pick it up and practice without being encouraged.  For certain personalities it is best to allow a degree of flexibility in the schedule so the rocker still feels a degree of control.

– Set your own expectations. Unlike when we took lessons as kids, there are far more distractions and responsibilities for young people nowadays which can make scheduling and  practice more challenging.

– Make practice fun and rewarding!  Perhaps once a week or once a month set up a performance environment and ask for a concert.  This will allow your rocker to show off their skills and allow you to display how proud you are of their achievements by giving them huge applause and asking for an encore. 

– Engage your rocker with questions about what they are learning and about their musical interests.  Listen to music together and ask questions about what they are hearing especially with regards to their instrument.  Let them see you having fun with and enjoying music.

– Don’t give up. We all know that being able to play an instrument is a life changing skill, keep at it.

– Communicate with us and your instructors. The more information we get regarding their musical likes, dislikes, aspirations, and goals the quicker they will progress.


You do not have to do anything, other than make sure they don’t lose their sweet DSR dough and that they have it with them if they want to make a trade.