Summer 2014 Private lesson Payment Page

If you have made it to this page, it means you are about to enroll you or your rocker for summer music lessons at Don’t Stop Rockin’. Here’s how to make your payment.

1. Using the drop down menu below select which option(s) you need. Each time you click on an option from the drop down it will be added to your cart. This can be edited at the next page if you make a mistake. Your initial payment is due no later than Friday, May 16th please. Once you have clicked on the options applicable to you simply click the “add to cart” icon.

** You only need to add the $53 private lesson deposit if you already know that this summer private lesson will continue into the fall.

* Guitar rentals are electric guitars only.

2. You will now be directed to a second page that looks like this.


If you are all done, simply go to check out. If you need to add more rockers to the payment option change the Qty and hit update. If you forgot something, hit “continue shopping” to go back to the drop down menu.

3. Checkout. You can make your payment with any credit card you wish. If you make 1/2 payment(s) your payment 2 of 2 draft will come out of this account on July 3rd.


Payments made securely by PayPal