At Don’t Stop Rockin’ we pride ourselves on putting the needs of our members first.

With this in mind, our summer session is broken down into three main areas:

1. Private lessons (Current members)

If you are a currently enrolled private student this spring and wish to continue to rock during the summer in your same scheduled day / time, great! We will close the week of June 2nd to the 8th to take a short break & again before school starts back, closing the week of August 18th – 24th.

The summer private lessons will run from June 9th to August 14th which is 10 weeks of available lessons. Your regular tuition draft will occur as normal on June 3rd and July 3rd, however the August 3rd draft will only be for 1 lesson ($26.50) and this is for the final week of August (25th – 29th)

What this means is you are ONLY paying for 8 weeks out of the 10 weeks during summer that we are open. This allows you to miss two weeks during the summer and not have paid for something you won’t use or have to schedule make-ups.

If you are in town all of the 10 weeks then you will receive 2 free lessons (these are only for the enrolled student and not transferable to anyone else)

The first two missed lessons are part of the summer plan, make-ups will not be applied to these to missed lessons as you are not paying for them. If you do miss more than 2 weeks (and 24 hours notice is given) we are happy schedule a make-up for you. There are no make-ups for the first two missed lessons. No credit will be applied to any missed classes.

PLEASE let us know in advance of missing any lessons during the summer so we can schedule someone else in your spot for that day!

If you wish to change your schedule during the summer we are happy to accommodate where possible, please email and let us know what your summer preference is. *You can keep your spring schedule for fall even if you change during the summer!

 2. Summer Flex Pass, (New members) – $212

New members include any sibling or relative not enrolled during the spring session. We will begin enrolling for these after the spring members have had time to decide on their plans for summer. Current members have until April 20th to decide on continuing during the summer with their regular lesson, changing times, or making a deposit for fall (see below).

Once we know which lesson times are available for summer, we will begin enrolling on a first come, first serve basis. Tuition details are the same as in section one (above). Please email to get on the wait list for available summer lesson spots, letting us know what day, times you prefer (Monday – Thursday, 3pm to 7:30pm.)

IMPORTANT NOTICE. Our members that decide to take a break or change their schedule during the summer, have first dibs on saving their spot for fall. If the summer lesson you enroll in has a deposit down for fall, we will let you know this before you enroll and what will be available in the fall.

3. Fall deposit (Current members) – $132.50

Planning on taking a break during the summer holidays? No worries, you have until April 18th to reserve your fall spot and continue with your same day, time and instructor in the fall. The fall deposit is $132.50, which pays for the last week of August (lessons start back the week of August 25th) and the whole of September. October tuition will be drafted Oct. 3rd.

SUMMER CAMPS 2014 (click link for details)