Can we take a trial lesson?

This is such a common question, we feel it deserves it’s own page. There are a couple of main reasons why we do not offer a trial lesson at DSR.

No longterm commitment

Your commitment at DSR is month-to-month. If at any point, for any reason you need to stop lessons with us, we simply require a two week emailed notice (to receive your $54 deposit back) We understand that lot’s of music schools seem to require a long term commitment for a school year or more so if you didn’t know otherwise, you might think we do to. We don’t, tying someone into a contract does not rock.

If you decide to try a month, we will hold off on charging the $54 deposit and give you 3 weeks to get a feel for the lessons. After week 3, if you wish to continue, the deposit will be drafted in the following months tuition draft. If after week 3 you decide not to continue, simply let us know (via email to you will have your 4th lesson but won’t lose any deposits.


Getting to know the instrument and / or instructor

This is the main reason that a parent will ask if they can try a lesson and we completely understand why. Perhaps your child has jumped from activity to activity in the past and you want to make sure it’s a good fit before investing in instruments. Or they take a while before they warm up to a new instructor / teacher. It is difficult for anyone to make a thorough  assessment in just 30 minutes. However, after 3 or 4 lessons it is pretty easy for a parent to decide if it is a good fit.

All of our instructors are vastly experienced in teaching all ages, personality’s and temperaments. We regard every single student as an individual and it is our goal to customize the experience for each. We have yet to have a student not continue on in lessons after their initial month commitment.


We’re pretty hip you know

From a logistical / schedule stand point, it is virtually impossible to hold a spot for someone so they can try a one off lesson. To be able to maintain the absolute best music teachers in Austin, we need to keep their schedule full. If we were to hold an available spot for a week or two until someone try’s it and then decides if they want the spot or not, would mean some weeks when an instructor has fewer lessons than they could. Added to this, the fact that we have an extensive wait list (because family’s like us enough to constantly refer friends), on the rare occasion a spot becomes available, they get snapped up almost immediately!

You should go ahead and give it a shot for at least a month, we are sure you will love our program at Don’t Stop Rockin’