Private Instrument Lessons: (Guitar | Voice | Piano | Drums | Bass) (Year Round Lessons)

Group Guitar (School year program)

Rock Band (School year program)


Instructor Bio’s

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Aiden focus

What We Do

We know that if lessons are fun, learning quickly follows.  In each area of our program we strive to make the learning environment fun and rewarding.

– Private instruction in Piano, Voice, Drums, Guitar, and Bass given by experienced and educated instructors who are committed to developing a learning curriculum that best suits each individual student.

– Group Guitar and Group Vocal Lessons, which incorporates a multifaceted learning environment that is technology centered.

– Rock Bands allow students the opportunity to better understand what is necessary to play a killer set which generally incorporates writing and recording original songs.

– Summer Band and Vocal Camps allow students to learn new skills through popular songs while also offering the possibility of writing and recording an original song.

All of our students are offered performance opportunities throughout the year.

What We Really Do

We hope to be able to help give the student something of their own to be proud of and something they would like to share about themselves… a flag to plant!  We hope to watch their confidence grow as an individual and then to watch this acquired confidence spill over into the rest of their life. 

Music is a skill that translates across languages and cultures and one that the musician can use and improve upon throughout the entire range of a lifetime.  It is a perfect tool to help allow someone to grow more confidently into his or her future.  So pick up your guitar, sit down at the piano, grab your sticks, write a song, start a band, and please let yourself be heard and of course Don’t Stop Rockin.