Marco Santos

Guitar / Bass

Marco Antonio Santos is a guitarist, bassist, arranger and composer from Brazil. He
performed with some jazz, funk and pop artists from Brazil, mostly in São Paulo
and is currently playing at the Austin music scene. Nene (important drummer and
composer from Brazil), Di Melo (pop singer), Hilda Maria (Brazilian singer),
Katchie Kartwright trio, UT Jazz Orchestra and Matt Maldonado Experience are
some examples of his background as a performer. Besides all performing career,
Marco Antonio Santos produced and wrote arrangements for different groups and
recording sessions. He produced and wrote the arrangements for the Hilda Maria´s
debut album, called "Feita de Rendas". He played with "AIME", group that won the
Best College Jazz Ensemble – Downbeat Magazine. Marco Antonio Santos just
graduated from UT (Master´s in Jazz Performance).