Set-up & prep before lessons (Best a day or two in advance)
The first thing to do, will be to download the Zoom app to your device (preferably a laptop or desktop, see more info below although a mobile device will work) 
Zoom is free and you don’t even need to register an account to take your music lessons. We suggest you do create a free zoom account for a couple of people in your household and / or family members to test it for the next several days (It’s similar to FaceTime or Skype, but is more powerful and stable as a teaching tool)
Below are detailed instructions – Here’s a quick how to video also: 
If possible, use a laptop or desktop; (however, mobile device will work)
– The audio quality will probably be better than other devices.
– A bigger screen means your teacher can see more of you.
– The desktop app has features the apps on other devices don’t have.
– If you have one, use a microphone rather than your device’s built-in mic.
– This will improve the sound the teacher hears.
– If you have them, use headphones or earbuds during your lesson. This will improve the sound you hear.
1. Log into your mymusicstaff student account (If you have forgotten your login credentials, email
2. Go to Calendar tab (you can change the view to day, week or month view)
3. Find your next lesson on the calendar and click, it should look similar to this
4. Location: says “Zoom lessons”. Best practice will be to set up your computer / device and be ready for the lesson 5-10 minutes before it is due to start. 
*Think of you / the student clicking on the “Zoom Lessons” button as you / your rocker arriving at DSR and waiting in the lobby.
If you already have the Zoom app installed on the computer / device, when you click “Zoom Lessons” it will automatically open the zoom app for you. (If you don’t have it installed, it will prompt you to do so and may take a few minutes, best to do so in advance)
You should then see a message screen similar to this (with your instructor’s name on it) This is just an indication to you that the instructor is wrapping up a previous lesson.
At this point there is nothing for you to do, except wait for the instructor to start the lesson. The same as waiting in the lobby for them to come and get you. Once the instructor is ready to start, they will do so on their end and a video screen will appear.
Be sure to check both available boxes for future ease of use.
Your should now see and hear your instructor live!
Best Practices for lessons

Set up by your instrument in a good space for uninterrupted lessons

If you’re a pianist, the most important things for your teacher to be able to 

see are your hands and the piano keys

If you’re a vocalist, your teacher will at least wish to see your face and

upper body.

If you’re a guitar or bass student, face on so the instructor can see you and the instrument.

For drums set the camera to accommodate as much of the kit as possible.

Use plenty of lighting in the room

If possible, use a hardwired ethernet cable to the computer instead of wifi

If on wifi, ask other household members to pause wifi during the lessons (switch phones to cell service) turn off streaming devices etc.

Have your music, paper, a pencil, and any other materials your teacher wishes

Having My music staff browser open during the lesson will allow the instructor to share music with you in real time. The will also add notes to the calendar after lessons (see below)

In the “online resources” section of MMS, you / your rocker can access the materials used during the lesson at any time:
Stay safe and healthy, let us know if you have any questions.