Private Instrument Lessons

Guitar | Voice | Piano | Drums | Bass


Weekly 30 minute lessons

$112 per month tuition

No longterm contracts

All styles of music taught

Piano: Ages 5+

Voice: Ages 7+

Drums / Percussion: Ages 7+

Guitar & Bass: Ages 8+

Adult lessons

Instructor Bio’s

Use this page to contact us and see what lessons we have available.

Our goal is to build a musical foundation for each and every student that will last them a lifetime!

Learning an instrument is extremely fulfilling but like everything rewarding takes time, patience and perseverance (as much from parents as the student themselves).

Most rockers take lessons with us for several years and there are always peaks and valleys in the progress. Once you have viewed the rest of the information here, please take sometime to read our “Practice Habits and Tips” page, it has fantastic information and guidance for parents.

Why should my kid rock?

Middle school and high school students who participated in instrumental music scored significantly higher than their non-band peers in standardized tests.

University studies conducted in Georgia and Texas found significant correlations between the number of years of instrumental music instruction and academic achievement in math, science and language arts.  – University of Sarasota Study, Jeffrey Lynn Kluball;East Texas State University Study, Daryl Erick Trent

Engaging in musical activity for most of one’s lifetime significantly helps remember names, and enhances nonverbal memory, the ability to work based on what one sees, and mental agility during old age.  -Brenda Hanna-Pladdy and Alicia MacKay, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas

We do not use a one-fits-all methodology at Don’t Stop Rockin’! We start off by discovering what style of music your child likes (from pop, rock, country, disney and even video game themes) and customize their ongoing lesson experience to incorporate their musical tastes and goals.

Many private students are also members of one of our group programs too.

Our entire 12 months calendar of events, including closures and performances are viewable on our Live Calendar by August 15th of each year.


Tuition is $112 per month and drafted on the 3rd of each month.

Lessons are 30 minutes in length on the same day and time each week.

As and when you or your rocker are ready for a new instruction book, your instructor will give you one to take home. We will add the cost, $10 (except drum books which come with an audio cd and are $20) to your next months tuition draft. Simple.

When enrolling in lessons, you will initially pay an online tuition invoice that we will email to you. Paying this on or before the due date secures the spot. If we do not receive payment on or before the due date, we will release your spot and fill it with another student. This initial invoice does not save your card information to be used to draft from.

During the first month of lessons please fill out one of the bank draft authorization forms at the front desk and fill out with your bank account / routing number, which is the method we use to draft monthly tuition after the original invoice. Once filled out, please put it in the drop box connected to the front desk in the lobby.

We do not increase tuition during months with more than 4 lessons or decrease tuition in months with less. $112 is drafted on the 3rd of each month regardless of how many weeks are in that month. 

Performances Opportunities

Private students have several performance opportunities at Don’t Stop Rockin’. Our main private student showcase event is held annually in late January or early February.

It is not mandatory, but encouraged and students will have several weeks to prepare a piece for this. The event is held in our rock band performance room, which accommodates about 40 guests.

Students may choose to play a solo piece, a duet with an instructor (if available) or with a band of like-minded rockers.

Our day long event (usually on a Saturday or Sunday) is broken up into short sets of about 30 minutes, so your total in-building commitment for a busy weekend day is about 45 minutes total, you’re welcome!

We also offer a more casual version of the showcase called “open mic week”. This is an opportunity for your rocker to perform in a more intimate setting of just family and maybe a friend or two, to help build confidence or try out new material.

We hold these a couple times a year in the performance room during a regular week of lessons.

Student absences, lateness and Make-Up credits

We use online software that allows each family to view their schedule, cancel lessons, track make-up credits, see their instructors calendar and schedule their own make-up lessons.

It is very simple to use and you will be emailed your login credentials once you join Don’t Stop Rockin’

Please note that if you do not schedule yourself (or child) absent using the online software within 24 hours of the lesson start time, you will not receive a make-up and will forfeit that lesson regardless of the reason. Telling an instructor, texting or emailing will not add a credit on your account.

(Instructors will still be paid for less than 24 hour cancellations).

If you are 15 minutes late or more to your lesson, your instructor reserves the right to take a break or leave the building and may not be there and you may lose that lesson.

In the the rare instances where your instructor is sick / family emergency and cannot teach you at your designated time, we will add a make-up to your account which you will be able to use in the near future. Make-up credits are valid for six months. There are no cash credits given in exchange for make-ups or if an instructor is absent.

We are closed on most major U.S. holidays but do not necessarily follow the local school closures.

Occasionally, your lesson will fall on a holiday and you will not have a lesson.  There are no tuition adjustments or make-up lessons given for lessons that fall on the above major holidays because all students receive additional lessons at no extra cost on months where an extra (5th) week occurs.

Not sure if we are open or closed? Please don’t email, call or text. Simply look on our live calendar page or Facebook. If we are closed, it will be clearly visible. If it does not say we are closed, you can be confident we are open.

Substitute Teachers
Occasionally, a teacher may miss a lesson due to an illness, family emergency or vacation.  If this happens we will try to arrange for a substitute teacher on that same day.  

We’ve found that many students actually enjoy an occasional lesson with another teacher. Please be aware that every instructor has different teaching styles and methods. All of our instructors are exceptionally experienced and educated.

During class

You are welcome to sit in on your child’s music lesson. It is advisable to plan on doing this with young children (under 7’s) for the first few weeks, until they are comfortable.

Once they are, you are free to wait in the lobby or run errands.

Communication with your instructor

Your instructors are always happy to keep you updated with what your child is learning. Please feel free to (and we encourage) go into the lesson room for a few minutes at the end of each lesson so you know what they are working on.

This will be the best time for you to ask questions and have the information explained, especially if you do not have a musical background. 

Please be aware that the instructors have back to back lessons and will not be able to spend much time with you if it goes into the next students lesson time.

If you have questions after the lesson, simply email and we will put you in touch with your instructor / find the answer for you.

Please don’t miss a lesson because you haven’t practiced. We understand that life sometimes gets hectic. It is far better to come in and review the material from the previous week than to skip a lesson.

All of our instructors are experienced music educators and background checked.

Late Arrival / Late Cancellation / No-shows

Your instructor will wait for you in the lobby or room.  There is no need to email, call, text or smoke signal. The absolute easiest way to communicate (if you’re not driving) is to login to your account and mark them absent as this will notify us in real time.

If you no-show, no worries. We keep a roster each day and someone will follow up with you to check in and make sure everyone is ok.

Practice Habits and Tips

Almost every single parent goes through the “my kid won’t practice” phase and this is completely normal. At DSR we have over a 100 years of combined teaching experience and this resource is invaluable tool for you!  If (when) you ever experience this, just let us know and we will send you more info.


Unfortunately, sometimes people just have to stop rockin’ In the event that you need to withdraw from lessons we require an EMAIL to

We require One Months notice of stopping lessons please. This affords us the opportunity to fill the soon to be vacated spot and keep your instructors schedule full.

Thanks for understanding.

Any make-up credits you have on your account will remain for six (6) months before being deleted. You will continue to have access to your online calendar to view instructors schedule and use make-ups as normal.