The BIG show guest list editable document

The document below is a workable / editable file and is for you to update the relevant information, regarding your students who are guests at The BIG show performance. In the past there have been dozens of changes to what guests are performing or not, and who is playing which songs. Up until now all of this has come through either James or Rob and it takes ages and get’s confusing. We’re going to give this a try to see if it is any help.

How to use / edit

If you cannot see a document below, open a new tab / window and log into your google account (the account you use to view the online google calendar). Once logged in, come back to this page and refresh it.

1. ONLY Edit / change the names of your students. Do NOT change any other info, like the song or time columns.

2. Match up your students name with the song they are going to perform. (i.e. the songs do not move position, you instead line up the name of your student with the song (keeping them in their instrument column)

You can do this in a couple of ways.

a) Left click one time on the name of the student so the box around the name is highlighted. Then, hover the mouse over the edge of the box until a hand appears. Next, left click and HOLD and move the name to an empty box.

b) Double left click inside the box and delete the name, write in a new one.

Want to see how it works? Check out this quick video of how to edit

 **The song choices are first come, first serve. Please do not move any students that are not your own. Feel free to communicate with other instructors if you wish to trade song choices for any reason.

3. Please remember we only end up using three of the four songs and don’t know which will be booted out until about week 10. Therefore, please teach TWO songs to each student in case one get’s kicked out.


The songs in italics are the songs that generally (but not always) get kicked out.

You do not need to save anything or use any of the drop down menu’s such as file other than “Edit” “Undo” if you make a mistake.

It is best to use a lap top / desk top to view and make changes if possible.