Progress Report – Week 5

This is what is Rockin’ this week:

Last week we continued our path along the way to learning Day Tripper by the Beatles.  We looked at the bridge, which has us flying around the fretboard. To play this lick up to speed it will be important to use the correct fingerings.  The rhythm guitar part to the solo section should not be a problem.  It is a single 6th string root barre chord playing 1/8th notes.  

This week we put the finishing touches on Day Tripper by learning the face melting solo.  This solo is mostly constructed by using the minor pentatonic scale.  The solo uses position shifts and bends and is sure to be a challenge for everyone, but one that can be achieved.  Finally, ask them to slowly put the song together for you.  Don’t forget to clap for an encore!

We recommend a weekly Rock routine of 10-20 minutes, 3 to 5 times per week.  This will allow for a noticeable rate of improvement.