Progress Report – Week 9

This is what is Rockin’ this week:

We have finished working on Crazy Little Thing Called Love and have been Rockin’ the classic Back in Black by AC/DC.  Last week we learned the intro, the verse and the chorus to this tune.  There are some challenging single note licks that occur in the intro and verse one of which is a chromatic phrase.  We know that chromatic means fret by fret but it may be a word to drop on friends.  It’s sure to impress.  It will take some time to switch between the chords and fall directly into these single note lines.  While the chords of the chorus are not difficult, the rhythms are challenging.  It will be important for everyone to keep track of these rhythms.  

This week we looked at the chords that are being played underneath Angus’s face melting solo.  We were quick to set this new shape up.  Over the course of this semester we have looked at a few of the solos found in the songs.  There is common musical vocabulary that happens time and again in many solos.  This week I wanted to introduce what I call Essential Guitar Licks.  These are three short musical vocabulary terms that are a part of the lexicon of solo guitar playing.  As your rocker becomes familiar with these licks they will become a springboard to create original solos.

Next week we will be reviewing the chosen songs for the BIG Show.