Your rockers private lesson instructor will be able to help where needed with individual parts to songs. If your rocker is not currently taking private lessons, they will need to make sure they ask for (if available) the charts to the song during rehearsals or use the charts provided on their band page below. The charts they see available on the band pages are the only ones we currently have. As it can take  several hours to create each chart, your rocker will need to look at other resources to get this information if needed.

We ask that each student comes to rehearsals with a good understanding of their specific parts.

ALCHEMY – Meets Wednesdays 6:20pm to 7:20pm

AMERICAN METAL – Meets Mondays 5:20pm to 6:20pm

DISTRICT POLICY – Meets Wednesdays 6:30pm to 7:20pm

EMPIRE – Meets Mondays 7:30pm to 8:20pm

Vintage Dischord – Meets Tuesdays 7:30pm to 7:20pm

Blitzkrieg Bop pg1

Blitzkrieg Bop pg1

OBSCURE– Meets Thursdays 7:20pm to 8:20pm

DEFAULT Meets Tuesdays 5:20pm to 6:20pm 

THE DOWN LOW– Meets Wednesdays 5:20pm to 6:20pm

LEGENDS  Meets Mondays 6:20pm to 7:20pm

Independence Meets Wednesdays 4:30pm to 5:20pm

L’Attitude – Meets Thursday  6:30pm to 7:20pm

Amplified – Meets Tuesday 5:20pm to 6:20pm

Fall Risk – Meets Mondays 4:30pm to 5:20pm

Monthly Metal – Meets Monday 6:30pm to 7:20pm


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