Private Student Showcase – Saturday December 10

Held at Don’t Stop Rockin’

Student Showcase Schedule Saturday, January 27

At DSR we want to give every student the opportunity to perform if that is something that interests them. Performing in a public setting isn’t for everyone but for others it is a great motivator to become a better musician.

Private Student Showcase:

The showcase is designed to highlight each students musical abilities.

How it works (Private Student Showcase):

Piano, guitar, bass, voice, ukulele

1 – The instructors will gather the information of which students will be performing at the upcoming showcase.

2 – Your instructor will begin teaching a piece of music. Based on age and experience, they may learn a solo piece, be accompanied by their instructor or learn a standard and perform with a couple of other students and or instructors.

3 – Each student will be able to perform one piece at the showcase and will (depending on age / experience) be between 1 and 3 minutes long.

4 – If your child chooses to perform a solo piece, it can be any song they wish, which they will learn in their lessons.

5 – It is not possible to have every students instructor at the showcase on the day of the event. However, if your student wishes to perform a duet with an instructor accompanying them on either guitar or piano, they will have a variety of songs to choose from, and our day-of-instructor will be able to accompany them.


Drum students will also have a couple of different options, which will be determined by José based on the students experience level:

1 – Perform something unique with José accompanying them on percussion.

2 -Perform a song (pre chosen by DSR) as a full band with other rockers.

Other things to consider:

– You will not be charged anything for the showcase and will be encouraged to invite your family. Due to the space, each family will be limited to around 5 or 6 guests.

– Each student will be grouped into a set time of  with an approximate overall time commitment 0f 30 – 45 minutes.

– Due to a myriad of factors, we cannot except any schedule requests for your child to perform at a specific time.

Finally, if you have questions regarding songs, material or music related questions, please speak with your instructor.

Student Showcase Schedule Saturday, January 27