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 What are your overall impressions of DSR?

“There are certainly some prodigies in the making, but even if your kids are like mine and refuse to practice unless bribed and insist on using their guitar as a “paddle for their spaceship,” Don’t Stop Rockin’ is the best place to encourage musical talent. Every instructor is a skilled musician with that little twinkle in their eye when they talk about music. I have never seen such creativity when it comes to teaching music.”

“Best music lessons in ATX!”

“These have been the best lessons we have ever invested in for our daughter. Students learn songs right from the very beginning so it is very motivating for them. The lessons are extremely well supported and fun. At the end students get to rock at their very own live Austin show. She loved it (as did we)!”

“My son has been taking piano lessons at DSR for 6 months and I am amazed at how much he has learned. His lessons are based on a tradional book but each week he also works on a popular radio song of his choice. The lessons are fun and he loves it. I like having a relationship with a program that offers private and group lessons on various instruments and voice. We won’t need to go anywhere if my son wants to explore other areas of music.”

Girls Stage

“I was nervous about my first lesson, until I walked in the door. James is always sure to greet me by name and Jose makes me feel like we are just a couple of buddies there to jam. DSR was recommended by a friend, her kids and her husband. I am so glad I followed her advice. Fun for all ages!”

“Our oldest has been with DSR since the beginning, and we couldn’t be more impressed with their operation.  Rob and James could have easily taken their program and focused on franchising it to make a quick buck, but they focus all their time (and a lot of money) making the local program better and better.  We’re blown away by the show at Hill’s Cafe at the end of the year too.  They constantly throw little surprises as well, like one year they had our child show up in a stretch limo for the Big Show.  Their program is much more thorough and focused than the other companies in the same realm.  The weekly emails that are focused specifically on each child shows that they really focus on each kid’s progress.  It’s very exciting each year to see what they come up with next.”

“These guys are great!  They really know how to engage kids, nurture their interest in music, and actually get them to retain what they’ve learned.  Not only that, but they really forge a relationship with parents and help parents determine the right approach for their young rocker.  And they impressed me to this level in a rented space.  Can’t wait to see them thrive in their own space!”

“My kids have been with DSR since they first created the company, and Rob and James have been AMAZING instructors! And the shows the kids perform at Hill’s Cafe each semester are a fantastic showcase of what they’ve learned. I cannot say enough praise about DSR and their staff.”

“What an amazing group of dedicated rock teachers! Jack Black would be proud. DSR is amazing with kids and gets high marks for communications and updated with us parents. And these guys love to rock! My son loved the program. We would do it again in a heartbeat when time permits!”

“We could not be any happier with the Don’t Stop Rockin’ program. My son was actually playing cords after the first week. He is having so much fun he doesn’t realize he is learning. Rob is amazing with the kids and they respond so well to him. The entire staff has been so welcoming, professional, and dedicated to my son’s guitar learning experience. We will continue with the program as long as they will have us!! Thank you DSR!”

“The song-based intstruction is genius. Emphasis on playing rhythm is great starting approach. Love the small classes and time for individual attention. No better way to inspire future musicians than to be backed up by a real band. Rob is the perfect blend of enthusiast and instructor. James is coolio. Both of your positive and fun rapport with kids are pure giftedness.”

“Dont’ Stop Rockin’ is THE place for music lessons whether you’re a kid or a parent. The instructors are engaging and incredibly fun. The review material for home is an extension of class and hands down the most fun you’re kids will have practicing at home. Their showcases are impressive and always a rockin’good time.”

“I love this program. It was age appropriate, and my eight year old really enjoyed it. He thinks he is a total ROCK STAR. Which after the Big Show I’m starting to see why. We can hardly wait for next semester.”


Please rate the quality of instruction you feel your Rocker received?

“Perfection! And speaking as a professor of education that is really saying something. Don’t change a thing.”

“My child loves individual attention and she was confident her teachers cared about her and her individual progress. Y’all love the kids and it shows”

“We’ve tried all sorts of instruction and nothing stuck. She loved going to class and was disappointed she had to wait until fall for 201.”


Compared to other music programs you may have tried before, how did we shape up?

“Well organized, logical progression of ideas, well-supported. These are easily the best lessons she has ever had.”

“You put so much time and attention to detail into your program, you love what you do and it shows, you’re very patient and we get more than we pay for with all you do and supply”

“This is his first music program, but considering our kid wasn’t even into music a few years ago, we are very excited to see him so excited”

“He has always stayed interested in the guitar since he started the class. He really enjoys it and I think a lot of that has to do with Rob and the materials.”

Do you feel the program was good value?

“What you all do is an amazing value and I hope you don’t change too much because really, everything is just right on! I’m telling everyone I know!”

“I am very impressed by the detail that went into the development of this program as well as the execution. The online facet of lesson review and practice was phenomenal. The show was top-notch. Even this survey shows the extent of the excellence of this program.”

“Great mix of guitar instruction and rock and roll history. I enjoy talking with my child about influential guitarists he has been exposed to through Don’t Stop Rockin’. His participation in the class has me dusting off parts of my music collection and has been a great experience for us.”

“I wake up to the sounds of my son playing guitar and go to sleep hearing the same. He is constantly asking if I think he could be the next Jimmy Page. I suspected his little brother was awake after lights out last night and went in to discover him working on HIS guitar. He’s totally inspired and keeps asking “When will I be old enough for Don’t Stop Rockin’?”


How did your ROCKER feel about the program?

“This program is amazing. I enjoyed listening to him practice and enjoyed watching his confidence grow not only in his musical ability but overall. Your program is well thought out, your creative material is top notch so is the look of all your material is very impressive. I never felt like he wasn’t interested so obviously you can connect well. I can’t think of any improvements, you met and surpassed our expectations.”

“Don’t Stop Rockin’ blew our expectations out of the water. The instructors expertise and enthusiasm are contagious. The online tutorials are wicked fabulous, they help us keep tabs on what he’s learning and participate meaningfully in practices. (I really wish we had them for his math lessons…) Can’t recommend DSR highly enough!”

My son learned a lot really fast and was very motivated. Can’t keep him off the guitar now

“World Class music program”

“He wasn’t real happy when I signed him up….he loves it now!!”

“She is very proud of her accomplishments so far and likes to play for her friends—she is even recommending the program to them as well.”


How did you and your Rocker feel about the BIG show?

“His dad hasn’t been to a DSR show before. He left there BLOWN AWAY at how good the show was, the level of talent, the atmosphere, the enthusiasm, and the obvious care that James and Rob all have for the kids. You guys absolutely ROCK!!!!”

“Aidan liked that he felt like a actual rock star on a real stage. I liked the fact that everyone including the adults on stage where really enjoying rocking out!”

It’s not all good though….

“i really liked the show this semester, except for getting attacked by a wasp:(”