What makes Don’t Stop Rockin’ different, unique and better than the rest?

There are a number of reasons that make DSR the best music lesson option in Austin and here are some highlights. We appreciate it can take quite a while to be able to get into the program, that’s because once people do, they simply don’t leave! We appreciate your patience and will contact you as soon as there is an opening.

It’s about you, not us.

Don’t get us wrong, we are a business and we want to make some scratch so we can feed our cats, pay our mortgage and take a vacation every now and then. However, we truly believe that this can be achieved by putting your needs ahead of our own, which is why…

  • We keep our tuition rates as low as possible, while maintaining the highest level of instruction in town. At $108 per month for weekly, 30 minute private lessons we are at least $15 per month lower than surrounding music schools. We picked a great location that keep our overheads low enough that lessons are affordable to the vast majority of people (and we can still afford purina).
  • We don’t charge you, to take your money! Imagine walking into a store and someone wants to charge you a registration fee before you can check out your groceries and pay them. Sounds ridiculous right? We agree and have never and will never charge a registration fee to be able to take lessons. It is anti-rock and we think it’s lame.
  • Performances. Ever had to sit through 3 hours of other peoples kids playing twinkle twinkle little star or dancing in a ballet recital? Us too and we feel you. Our legendary BIG shows and Rock Band gigs, once every three months or so are held at a family friendly restaurant (Hill’s Cafe for example) They rock, you can get a burger and or beverage of your choice and be in and out in about an hour.  The younger kids (and those that prefer to rock solo or show the world their original material) get to show you their skills at one of our Showcases, held a couple of times a year. You won’t hear the same tune twice and will be astounded by your kids and a few of their peers, all in under 45 minutes. Magic.
  • “My kids on Itunes, yo” Imagine your child writing & recording an original song that then ends up on a professionally produced CD and then on Itunes? Let’s be honest, score for you and your family! Each year we produce at additional no cost to you, a Don’t Stop Rockin’ CD featuring some of our students original music. They own the rights to the song and get a copy. We just pony up the cash, because having students on CD’s is super cool.


When you are part of an organization that is home to three Grammy Award Winners, it’s hard not to be inspired every time you walk into the building. We aspire to work as hard as anyone to