DSR Jam Session

The Don’t Stop Rockin’ Jam session has been custom created for a wide variety of students, but specifically private students who are not currently in a regular group / band program. These jam sessions are the perfect opportunity for your budding rock star to get a taste of why being in a band is literally the greatest experience a person can have.

Program Basics

Maximum of 6 students w/ 2 instructors. Skill / experience level will be detailed for each specific event

The private student will look at the 2 pre-determined songs in a private lesson prior to the jam session. The goal is for them to know the basic form of the song and be able to play their parts. The Jam sessions are designed to put the pieces together and play together as a unit. The instructors will certainly help with any areas a student needs help with, however each rocker needs to come prepared.

Song choices may well be ones your rocker has learned before. This is fantastic as we can spend more time jamming together and less time learning the parts

Rockers will bring their own drink / snack

Jam sessions will be held periodically on a Friday or Saturday evening. We will announce each one several weeks in advance

Tuition is $50 per student for the 3 hour session

Tuition is drafted from the account on file on the Wednesday prior to the Jam session.

A minimum of 4 rockers are needed for each session, if we do not have at least 4 enrolled within 72 hours of the Jam, we will unfortunately need to cancel (a credit will be put on your account)

After drop off and to keep everyone safe and undistracted, the doors will be locked (an instructor phone number will be provided in case you need to get back in)

The band will perform for parents at pick up, bring your camera!


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