DSR Open Mic Week
June 19th – 22nd 2017
Our open mic week is an additonal performance opportunity for our private lesson students (our full day showcase performance is held annually in late January / early feb.) and is held at in our band rehearsal room.
How it works:
Summer 2017 Open Mic week will be June 19th through 22nd

Several weeks in advance, your instructor will ask if your rocker would like to be part of the event (we strongly encourage them to participate, especially the younger students and / or those not in our bands).

The rocker and instructor will start working on the performance piece.

On the date of the open mic week, instead of being in private lessons during their regularly scheduled time, the participating students and friends / family will be in the band room to watch the performances. It will be very similar to the showcase.

Some of the performance types will be: solo pieces, duets w/ instructors, singer songwriter original performances. There will not be full band performances like there are during the showcase.

Drummers can either perform original percussion pieces or play along to a backing track.

We encourage all private students to participate, but it is certainly not mandatory.

If there are only one or two performers, these students will still use a portion of their lesson time as normal. If there are several, the open mic performances will be in lieu of their lesson that day. No make-ups will be accrued.