ROCK 201 – 601

Tuition $295

You should by now know which is the correct class for your rock star and have communicated with James or Rob. If you have not been directed here or are unsure of the correct class level please email:
Please select your preferred time slot

Rock 501 Wednesdays 5:30pm [wp_cart:Rock 501 Tuition Wednesdays 530pm:price:295.00:end] 3 spaces available

Rock 301 Wednesdays 6:30pm [wp_cart:Rock 301 Tuition Wednesdays 630pm:price:295.00:end] FULL

Rock 401 Thursdays 5:30pm [wp_cart:Rock 401 Tuition Thursdays 530pm:price:295.00:end] 2 spaces available

Rock 401 Thursdays 6:30pm [wp_cart:Rock 401 Tuition Thursdays 630pm:price:295.00:end] 1 space available

Rock 201 Fridays 4:30pm [wp_cart:Rock 201 Tuition Fridays 430pm:price:295.00:end] FULL

Rock 201 Fridays 5:30pm [wp_cart:Rock 201 Tuition Fridays 530pm:price:295.00:end] 1 space available

Don’t forget your guitar rental $35

If your rocker doesn’t already own an electric guitar, no worries! You can rent the guitar, tuner, cable, strap & gig bag from us, that they will receive at their 1st class and be able to take home with them to practice, for just $35 for the session.* You are responsible for our sweet gear and will be charged replacement cost if it is lost or damaged.



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