New Tuition Process August 2015

Private Lesson Tuition Draft

We have looked at ways to simplify the “business” process for you, so we can concentrate a lot more on teaching awesome music lessons and less on accounting. Because some months have more weeks in them than others, a few times during the year we currently adjust every single invoice up or down to reflect this, which takes hours upon hours to complete. Lot’s of you then have questions about when and why, which again takes hours to answer.

To simplify things, here’s the plan

Our school year starts the week of August 24th 2015 and runs through June 2nd. The Monday & Thursday students will be able to attend 36 lessons during this time. You will be drafted on September 3rd for the $108 tuition (per student, per lesson) and this draft will continue on the 3rd of each month thereafter. Monthly tuition will not be increased for the months of more than 4 lessons, or reduced for the months with fewer than 4 lessons.   That’s it, simple!

If you do need to stop lessons at any point, for any reason, just give us two weeks notice as normal. (We certainly appreciate longer if possible). At that point we calculate if you have paid more, less, or an equal amount to the number of weeks you have been enrolled. If we owe you a couple of lessons, we simply pro-rate your next months tuition or write you a check (as well as your original $54 deposit).

If everything is equal, sweet. If you owe for any lessons, we keep your original deposit to reflect this. Done.

Obviously, if you buy a book, t-shirt or add a camp etc, your invoice for that month will show this.

Tuesday and Wednesday students get an extra lesson (37) during the year because of the way holidays fall. If your student takes a lesson on one of these days, their September 3rd draft will be $135 to reflect the additional lesson. After that, 3rd of the month draft will be $108 as detailed above.

New Card details

Prior to August 24th, we will be switching our credit card processing company and updating your account. This will a) keep your information even more secure and b) allow us to automate and systemize the transaction process.

Between now and August 24th, please see James or Rob when you are in the lobby. They will securely store your card details into your account, so that card can be used to draft tuition on the 3rd of each month. Once they save the details, the card numbers are hidden and encrypted. We will also ask you to sign an agreement, simply acknowledging that you have given us your card details and authorize us to draft. This agreement will not require you to write your card number down.

If you prefer to call and pay by phone, Monday through Friday, 9am to 2pm is best. James @ 512.694.7301.

Group guitar and rock band

We will be switching to auto draft for group guitar this fall. This is how it will work.

a) Three weeks before the end of each session (3 weeks before the BIG show) you will receive notification that the account we have on file will be auto drafted in a weeks time.

b) Two weeks before the end of each session (2 weeks before the BIG show) the account we have on file will be drafted for tuition, in an identical way that you paid previously. For some, this will be the full tuition, for others it will be 50% followed by a second 50% one month later. If you have previously made custom payments, this will continue as is.

c) If you usually pay by check or cash, you will be able to do this as normal. Please make your re-enrollment tuition payment at least two weeks before the end of the session.

You of course are not obligated in anyway to be with us session-to-session.  All you have to do is let us know before the draft date (2 weeks prior the end of each group session) that you will not be able to continue to the next session and you will not be charged.

Once your account has been charged / you have paid by check: If you cancel your group lesson more than 14 days prior to your rockers start date for the next session, we will refund you your tuition in full (minus credit card processing fee).If you cancel your group lesson less than 14 days, but more than 7, you will receive credit for the paid tuition on your account for future use  (private or group).If you cancel your group lesson less than 7 days, we will only be able to credit your account if we can fill your students spot in the class. If we cannot, you forfeit your tuition.


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