DSR Monthly Band

The DSR monthly band rehearsals are designed specifically for those students who want a band experience but are not quite ready for ongoing weekly rehearsals due to age, experience or scheduling. These rockers have usually performed at our showcases or have been part of the BIG show as special guests. This monthly opportunity may develop into a more serious weekly band or bridge the gap until they join / start a band that rehearses weekly.

How it works

When a spot in our schedule opens up, we are able to offer that time slot to DSR private lesson students that want to rock. We will have up to four bands that share that time slot on a rotating basis. Each band will consist of a drummer, bass player, (can also be an existing guitar player who wishes to try bass) piano player, up to 3 guitar players and a lead singer. Some of the instrumentalist will also have the opportunity to sing if they wish.

The available time slot is from 6:30pm to 7:15pm on Thursdays, starting March 3rd. There are no other available time slots available at this time.

Rehearsals for the spring will be: March 3rd, April 7th & May 5th.

Once you sign up, you are committing to the remainder of the school year. Please don’t enroll if you will be taking on conflicting activities in the spring.

Tuition will be an additional $25 per month and drafted with your monthly tuition on the 3rd of the month. Your rocker must be enrolled in weekly private lessons to enroll in these monthly rehearsals.

To expedite the Rock, we will be using songs from the current DSR catalogue (the type of songs they will have played at the BIG show.) This is the most efficient way to get the band up and running because all of the resources have already been created.

Your rocker may very well have played the chosen songs lots of times before, which is great! This will make the band sound awesome fast. Playing songs time and again is part of being in a band and what allows the band mates to concentrate on performing.

There will be periodic performance opportunities during one of the bands designated rehearsal times (date to be announced) in the rehearsal room. Due to space limitations we will only have seating for around 30 people. These guest spots will be divided equally amongst the band mates.

The band performance will be on Thursday, May 26th 2016 at 7pm. We will rehearse from 6:15pm to 7pm and then you will be invited into the room.

If the rehearsal date is scheduled during your private lesson time you will receive a make-up for that miss. We will do our best to schedule it in that same week, but it might not be possible. Tuition is not reduced, only make-ups will be given.

What it’s not and What it is

Rehearsals are not additional lessons. Other band mates don’t want to sit around while one person learns their parts. The band experience is about taking the sum of the parts and making a whole. Rockers need to come prepared, which shouldn’t be difficult as we will only be planning on learning / rehearsing 1 or 2 songs per month. This will allow them to continue to work on other songs in their private lessons and not have to solely focus on the songs for the rehearsal.

This is not our full band program. We won’t be writing original songs or learning songs that are not currently in our catalogue. We will not be going to a live music venue to put on a show however; we will have a full band performance scheduled conveniently during their normal rehearsal time.

How to sign up?

Simply email James, james@dontstoprockin.com and tell him you want to enroll.This is first come, first serve and we cannot guarantee a spot.