Weekly 55 minute rehearsals

$295 per *12 week session 

$250 per *12 week session (if also enrolled in one other area of DSR, private lessons for example) 

$225 per *12 week session (if also enrolled in two other areas of DSR, two private lessons or a private lesson and second band / group program for example)

School year program

*(11 rehearsals and a performance)

Ages 11+

For more information or to enroll:

The program

Being in a band at Don’t Stop Rockin’ is an ideal situation for someone to learn a whole range of real world skills they will need for their future. There’s a reason everyone from actors, athletes, politicians and business leaders have formed bands and created music – because it totally rocks!

Bands are generally formed when a group guitar or vocal program finishes and join together with some private students to rock.

The rock band program is a school year program and most bands are together for much longer, often only stopping when they go off to college!

We ask that every rocker and their family understand this school year commitment. In the event that outside activities change (and they often do), we ask them to choose rock.

Due to the dynamics of being in a band and the longterm musical growth and experience each goes through, it can take several months (during the summer is the best time for this) to get a new member up to speed.

Our bands follow a very successful path of performing together without the aid of instructors.  They often write original material, record songs, brand themselves, book their own shows and basically be awesome.


Tuition for our school year group programs (rock band, vocal and guitar) are drafted every three months. We will send you a courtesy reminder of specific draft dates a couple of weeks in advance.  For each 12 week session(11 rehearsals and a performance), tuition is as follows:

Rock Band only: $295 per session

Rock Band + Weekly private lessons: $250

Three or more combinations of lessons: $225

If you wish to split tuition over two payments, you will need to notify us of this by emailing at least seven days before the draft due dates.

Draft Dates:

Fall: First weekend in August (pays for late August through early November session)

Winter: Third weekend in October (pays for mid November through mid February session)

Spring: Third weekend in January (pays for late February through mid may session)

Commitment, Perseverance, Dedication

If Rockin’ was easy, everyone would be doing it. It’s not and so some people don’t. However, it is without doubt the absolute best thing (mathnasium, dance, gymnastics and sports included) that someone can do.

We know, we’ve done it. And we are not just talking about playing in front of thousands of people (which we have done) or jamming with Prince (which has also happened).

Rehearsing in a garage or living room and putting a killer riff together with a few chords, writing some lyrics and a melody and boom, you’ve created something original that belongs to the 4 or 5 people in that room – magic baby, magic.

When you are in a band setting, other people are now relying upon you to come prepared and know your parts. This is a great life lesson for college and beyond; they are now becoming part of a bigger picture.

If a rocker is also taking private lessons, this makes things easier, because the instructors can quickly get them up to speed in 30 minutes, that may take them a little longer work out at home.

It is not essential to take private lessons with us, but it certainly helps. As long as the rocker comes prepared each week, all is good.

Some of our bands have played venues like, The Palmer event center and the Dell Diamond. Students that enter the band program generally have music as their main priority (outside of school of course!).

Is this the band program a good fit?

Generally yes, but not always. There are the additonal time and financial considerations to take into account, compared to only taking private lessons.

Also, if you have a very specific musical preference (metal for example) but the majority of the group is more into pop, that’s the direction we will generally take.

If you come into a band as an already proficient singer / songwriter, please be aware this will not be your backing band. It will be a fantastic and vital learning experience for you for the future, but the band may not end up playing your songs, unless of course it’s a good musical fit for the whole group.

What if we miss a rehearsal?

Each band has their own online band page which contains all of the information and audio of what they are working on. If they miss a rehearsal, they will need to check the page to make sure they come prepared the following week.

If they don’t take private lessons and would like to schedule a 30 minute private lesson with an instructor (where available) you can, for the totally reasonable additional cost price of $15.  You will simply need to email to request a lesson time.

In summary, being in a band totally rocks and if you are reading this, you probably think so too. The weekly total time commitment (in the building and / or at home) is about 90 minutes a week

We understand that school comes first and will help encourage, motivate and reinforce this.