The fall 2013 group guitar, rock band & group vocal lesson line-ups are as follows. The fall session starts the week of August 26th. If you have any questions, please email

The BIG show is scheduled for Saturday, November 17th


4:30pm – 501

Alex Alec Marc Ashton Kevin CJ

 5:30pm – 501

Liam John Gabriel Bennett Seth

 6:30PM – 301 

Gus Charlie Zac Matthew

 7:30PM – 201 adult

Andrew Doug Aaron Jan Jackie


3:30pm – 101 

Atticus Cara Alara Cole Aidan Weston

4:30pm – 201 

Miles Arnav Connor Nathan Patrick Josh

 5:30pm – 401

Kush Vikas Max Chase Xander Everett

 6:30PM – Rock Band

Thomas Jackson Scotty Colby Tyler


4:30pm – Rock Band

Jayden Kyle Adam Cara

 5:30pm – 301

James Gavin Aidan Bryan Renee Alex

 6:30PM – 601

Sam Colton Brady Aiden Jake B


4:30pm – 401

Juliane Kristina Cassie Kelsey Claire Hailey

 5:30pm – 701

Ava Maia Jacob Madison Ryan

 5:30pm – Group Vocal

Teagan Talia Ella

 6:30PM – 701

Vaughn Ben Harrison Aidan Robbie