Hi there Rockers.

We know that this can be a hectic time of year for parents (it certainly is busy for us!)  With a change in schedules, camps, vacation plans, and basic “can’t wait for school to end mayhem” things can get a little confused in everyone’s schedules.

Below is the day / time that you have enrolled in (or continue to be enrolled in.) This info in one place helps us be more efficient by not having to email everyone individually with your new private lesson schedule – yeah, we’re geniuses. Thanks for noticing.

As part of the summer flex plan, the first two times you miss this summer do not receive a make-up, as you will not be paying for them. If you miss more than two lessons then make-ups become available. *Unless you no-show or give less than 24 hours notice, make-ups are not available for these instances.

In order for your instructors to stay busy during the summer, please give us at least 24 hours notice of missing a lesson (more if possible). This will afford us the time to fill the spot for that day and for the instructors to have a consistent schedule. Email james@dontstoprockin.com to let us know if you will be missing sometime in the future, NOT your instructor.

 Running late / missing the day of lesson?

If you are running late or need to get hold of us EMAIL is best, rather than calling / texting.

If your lesson is on Monday or Tuesday you will need to email rob@dontstoprockin.com

If your lesson is on Wednesday or Thursday  you will need to email james@dontstoprockin.com 

Thanks, James & Rob