Hello Rock n’ Rollers,
Below you will find links to quick video charts and short lessons for tunes in varying degrees of difficulty. In the email you received directing you to this page, the charts for the songs were attached. We hope everyone will find something of interest.  Enjoy your summer but don’t forget to pick up the guitar, Rock the mic, write a song, start a band, change the world, and of course Don’t Stop Rockin’.
Don’t Stop Rockin’
Rob and James
Finger excercises are a great way to warm up.
Jeopardy Theme
Demons by Imagine Dragons.
Livin’ On a Prayer Solo
TNT solo
Roar with a capo
Rolling in the Deep with a capo
Stairway to Heaven intro
Wipe Out
Bohemian Rhapsody solo
Charge!  (I get asked about this tab often.)
Over the Rainbow – This is written for two instruments so you can play the chords or the melody.  This might also be a good tune to play the chords while singing.
Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone – Accordong to Rolling Stone this is the greatest Rock song of all time!
Just Give Me a Reason by Pink
Jimi Hendrix’s version of All Along the Watchtower:
Jimi’s first and second solos on All Along the Watchtower:
Jimi’s solos on All Along the Watchtower use two positions of the minor pentatonic scale.  This will help you Rock the scale.
Get Rockin’ with Metallica’s Master of Puppets.  – I have broke this into three sections.
I frequently get asked about the intro to Thunderstruck by AC/DC.
Here is the intro and chorus to Rock You Like a Hurricane
Finally, this is the intro solo to Rock You Like a Hurricane which is written for two guitars.  Ask a friend to play one section while you play the other. Start a band and have a killer summer!